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  Shore Report: 12/17/2013
Sorry about the lame reports this year. Things are changing for next year at the shop, I will try my best to update reports more often next year.
Thank you
AKA Larry

  Shore Report: 7/15/2013

Striper fishing picked up last week with the arrival of the new moon. Menemsha Channel is loaded with fish and guys are doing well slinging Eels at other up-island locations. Chappy is fishing well and fish up to thirty pounds were caught last week on the late night rising tide. My Hanky Super Strike Darters are the hot ticket but Paul Cotten caught a 28lber on a Hab's black needlefish. Some of the fish out there were loaded with sea lice indicating new arrivals. Bluefishing has slowed but occasional blitzes of smallish fish are still taking place off the Menemsha jetty and Cape Poge.   

Charter Captains are reporting decent fishing along the north shore and Wasque rips. Tom's Shoal has slowed a little but guys who work to find them are still live lining  Scup for fish to 30 lbs. fluke fishing is slow and the poor results in this weekends VFW Tournament confirm that. Fishing for Sea Bass has been a disappointment so far this year. Another report of a Bonito this week, 10lbs this time. Location not disclosed but caught in the middle of a Bluefish blitz on a 3oz blue and white Roberts Ranger!!!      

Tuna fishng east of Chatham has been hot and cold and not many reports coming from areas south of the island. Cody Pachico caught a couple of 80lb Mako's at the Claw the other day as well as a couple of Mahi-Mahi! Water temps range from 67 at the Gully to 69.4 in the Star. White Marlin, whales and plenty of life reported 12 miles south of the Hooter.  


  Shore Report: 7/11/2013

Bonito arrived a couple days early. What a strange year. Fishing reports are getting better as the water warms. For July Thats weird!!!!!!!  Fly guys are getting it done at Lobsterville And Dogfish Bar. A couple 38 pounders have been caught by boat this week. Squid have come into Edgartown Harbor, finally. No offshore Catch report,but reports of tons of bait out there!!!

  Shore Report: 6/18/2013

Striper fishing is still inconsistent and on the slow side but seems to be picking up just a little. Reports of a Striper blitz aound the Cape Poge Lighthouse on Chappy Sunday afternoon with fish to 30lbs. Also some fish along the Chappy beaches at night. Squibby seems to have gone cold but some reports of decent fish along the north shore. Ashton Hannah weighed in a 35lb fish this morning to take the lead in the Bass Battle but reported very slow action with only one other fish and no other hits. Sengy still has hold a fair number of smaller fish for kayakers and the Menemsha Channel is still good. The good news on all fronts is that many fish being caught are carrying sea lice indicating new arrivals. Still plenty of small Bluefish for anglers around East Chop and State Beach. Look for birds working over bait.

Boat guys are faring a little better and Captain Phil Cronin is putting his anglers on Crocodile Bluefish daily and finding some decent Stripers. Striper fishing at Toms Shoal and the Wasque Rips has been very good. Fluke fishing is still kind of slow.                

  Shore Report: 6/10/2013
Surf fishing is good! Stripers are showing up in catchable numbers particulary in up island locations. Before the weekend blow muddied the surf, fish to the high teens were being taken on black needlefish on dropping tides. Three anglers from the CT Surfcasters and staying on Chappy pulled an up island all nighter one night last week and were rewarded with up to forty fish each right into daylight. Lobsterville is heating up on the falling tide and there are still plenty of fish in Menemsha Channel. Bass fishing on Chappy is inconsistent but on the nights they've been there, Super Strike Amber bottlenose swimmers have been the ticket. The Bluefishing on Chappy has slowed  considerably after last weekends blitzes of two pound fish.          

  Boat Report: 6/10/2013
Boat fishing. Has been getting better and better. Up island is loaded with Sandeels. Stripers are finally filling in at Toms Shoal. There has been Squid on some of the rips. Making for some good top water. Black sea Bass and Scup are everywhere!!

  Shore Report: 6/10/2013

  Shore Report: 5/12/2013
A few Blues have been Caught!!!!!!

  Shore Report: 5/9/2013
Well the Striper fishing has picked up. Reports coming in from about everywhere. Nice report this morning  Cape Poge blew up. With some nice fish caught on surface plugs. Big fish of the season is 28 pounds from the shore. Squid are here but spotty seems like it is better twords the top of high tide. No Bluefish reports of yet, any time now. Get out there and go catching!!!!

  Shore Report: 5/2/2013
They're Here!!! Some nice fish up to keeper size 32" Reports are coming in from the South shore.
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